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BMAN Inc. was established to advocate and give life and living direction to our boys and adolescent boys in an ever increasing world of gang violence, cultism, vices and unacceptable behaviours common with them today.

BMAN is a social revolution for boys, raising boys to stand out by standing up, equip boys to be excellent communicators, teach boys ethical literacy and groom boys to respect the opposite sex.

Research has revealed that, young adults who were at-risk for falling off track but had a mentor are:

–55% more likely to enroll in college,

–78% more likely to volunteer regularly,

–90% interested in becoming a mentor,

–130% more likely to hold leadership positions.

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men”. – Fredrick Douglass

Many have said that values have left us but the truth is we left those values.

It is high time we brought back the lost values to our boys – this is the mission of BMAN.

BMAN Lives to Love, Inspire, Value and Educate the boys.



  • The project is called the “READ Campaign”
  • The Project is a BMAN’s Mentorship Project for Boys from ages 11 to 19.
  • “READ” means Responsible Educator Available Daily.


  • To help our boys develop the right mind set about life and living.
  • You are literally what you think, your character being the complete sum of all your thoughts.
  • Circumstance does not make you do anything. Circumstance will only reveal you to yourself.
  • Out of a clean heart comes a clean life and a clean body. Out of a defiled mind proceeds a defiled life and a corrupt body.
  • Aimlessness is a vice, and such drifting must not continue if you want to avoid failure and destruction.
  • Your sufferings and your happiness are created from within. As you think, so you are. As you continue to think, so you remain.
  • To desire is to obtain. To aspire is to achieve.
  • Self-control is strength. Right thought is mastery. Calmness is power





  • Print and distribute 10 Million copies of “As A Man Thinketh” in Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, French and English Languages.
  • A voice Reading of the book on National Radio (Radio Nigeria) in Hausa, Yoruba, Igbo, French and English Language for 30 minutes twice weekly.
  • A weekly classroom peer discussions of the Book from the topic for the month with a volunteer mentor will facilitate the peer discussions to achieve project’s
  • Organize a monthly conference of BMAN representatives to collate the numbers of participant in each town with a group photograph and a short video of the participants expressing what they benefit from the project.


  • This book is an inspirational classic for every generation.
  • Millions of young people can benefit from this Book as they approach adulthood each year.
  • This book will strengthen the attention and enrich the imagination of whosoever will invest time to read and read again.
  • Nations, societies and communities will not rise above the thinking pattern of its people.
  • We are where we are today because of the way our leaders think.
  • We need to get the next generation thinking as we approach the new age of wisdom- Wis= see=insight, Dom= domain=influence.
  • There is deficit of insightful leaders in homes, schools, organizations, politics, etc in Nigeria.
  • We will distribute 10 million copies of this book across Nigeria, to students from ages 11- 19.
  • I see a great Nigeria with a new mindset emerging from this book.



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