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Cult activities have continued to thrive among boys in Africa. It has become rampart even among secondary school boys. They are hoodwinked and deceived on almost every term to join one secret cult or the other. Our boys have become wild and violent constituting nuisance to the society.

Promising young boys have turned to armed robbery, rapist, drug and alcohol addicts, gangsters, fraudsters, betting or kidnapping. The future of our young men gets bleak on a daily basis.

Our world is under threat should we not support our boys to navigate life with the right mindset and with the right paradigm. We cannot fold our arms and allow this menace destroy the leaders of tomorrow. We have to help them be the ‘man’ they would want to become.

We are here to help them achieve the right objective about life and living. To develop and equip young minds, there is need to first identify qualities of success, persuade them that they have the potential for success, inspire them to succeed and educate them to  love, live, learn and leave a legacy.

Join forces together with us to start a BMAN Program as a volunteer mentor in your location and community to share with minimum of twelve boys in our weekly classes.

We cannot prepare the future for our boys, we can only prepare them for the future. We owe it to them.

Individuals, communities, organizations, and institutions interested in starting BMAN program should contact MR. OLA AKINWE, by sending an e-mail to: or by calling: +234 802 301 0608, +234 815 500 5522.

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