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The overall success of every child is the highest concern of all parents. When parents or care givers demonstrate early support for boys and male adolescents, the impact lasts forever.


Boys who participated in BMAN program were given the opportunity to choose a mentor from the list of BMAN mentors in their Kinsmen or communities. These mentors were trained to incorporate tribal history, culture, and values into a relationship that nurtured a strong sense of cultural identity and pride to help youth make positive life choices.


It Takes a Village to Raise A Boy


To raise a boy to stand out by standing up requires that the parents and care givers stand up to their responsibilities by providing a safe alliance where boys can develop wings that will propel them soar in a higher altitude in life.


Entrusting your son with BMAN is one the greatest decisions parents and care giver would be happy they did. Our Mentors background information is available for transparency and continuous impact assessments about the progress of your son.


The supreme aim of all religions is to teach men how to live; BMAN ethos is derived from the word LIVE. This shall be the foundation upon which all persons shall learn of BMAN and shall be the practice and teachings of BMAN.

  • L stands for Love others
  • I stands for Inspire others
  • V stands for Value others
  • E stands for Educate others

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