“To understand men you have to understand it is nurture, not nature that rules their lives” – Dr. Stephen Whitehead

If societies focus on boys and male adolescents, properly cultivating and channeling their masculinity, it will benefit the society. Any intervention programme that seeks to address adolescence issues will be incomplete unless it addresses masculinity.

The FAST Initiative will help to promote the development of positive masculine qualities, renew father and son commitments, and enumerate the drivers of conflicts between father and son with a proactive approach to resolving these conflicts.

The FAST Initiative will serve as a platform for fathers to explore the inner pains and hurts in their sons and quickly foster a healing process to address it. This initiative will help fathers and son to accepting and sharing one’s weakness and vulnerabilities.

BMAN officially launches the “Father And Son Together” (FAST) Initiative to address masculinity in boys and male adolescents was launched on Monday, October 1, 2018 in Nigeria and Kenya. The FAST Initiative is a quarterly program. We welcome sponsors and partners globally to make this a global initiative. Together we can mentor our sons to become better men.

“Life – for boys — is not about learning how to be, it is about learning how not to be, what we are” –Neale Donald Walsch.

The FAST Initiative is about a platform for our boys to learn how not to be.


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