The alarming rate of unemployment increases globally as the world universities continue to turn out the highest number of graduates annually. Nigeria alone turns out over 600,000 graduates from higher institutions every year.The question is “what will be the economic activities of these graduates that guarantee their economic life sufficiency?”

Skill capacity development training is the gateway to unlock opportunities for economic engagement that delivers a quality based life and helps sustain families in this age of creativity.

The BMAN EWA INITIATIVE is a skill competency development scheme that freely enrolls young boys from ages 11-19 to participate in training programs with the aim of ensuring that COMPETENCY in capacity development is aspired and must be obtained during and after the completion of the programs to enable participant create opportunities for themselves.

We request for individual and cooperate support to participate in areas of training personnel from your organization to facilitate in Photography and Videography Classes, Creative  Designs, Phone Repairs & Computer Engineering , Website Design & Development,  Business Development. Collaborate with  us to  demonstrate your product quality, gain and expand the visibility of your products in our  programs. 

For participation, collaboration and support contact us.


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