You can’t alter the evolutionary process of life but how rapidly you progress depends on how you choose to live your life on a daily basis.



Life is an evolutionary process. Life does not have any problem with you. You only have problems with the life you chose to live for yourself. You can’t alter the evolutionary process of life but how rapidly you progress depends on how you choose to live your life on a daily basis.

Life is happening to everyone right now but what is happening in your life right now is how you live to attract your present reality. You cannot stop life from interacting with you but how you interact with life is how you live your life.

Is this why the primary aim of all religion is to teach us how to live? Yes! Learning how to live is the only conquest to conquer.

Learning to live will require a conscious effort to align and harmonize these four attributes of living a life beyond limits. You cannot divorce any one of these attributes should you want to experience a peaceful, productive and joyful life.

Let me explain each of these attributes that guarantees a fruitful and fulfilled life.


Love is the universal currency that is acceptable to all by all. Love does not diminish in value. Without love there is no human exchange of any value. Love is the divine current that lightens the entire world. The greatest of all regrets is LOVE not expressed. He who denies others LOVE, is the poorest among us. He who does not LOVE has not Lived. To start thinking about how to live, is to start expression your genuine LOVE for all.


If your life does not inspire others, it simply means your life has expired. To inspire means to give or breathe life back to a dying soul or situation. Millions of souls die every year due to lack of inspiration. No invention can displace inspiration because it is the food or fuel that drives us to our highest manifestation of the wishes fulfilled. You should aspire to inspire others till you expire.


This is your creative advantage to the world. Your reward in life is determined by the quality of value you brought into the marketplace called humanity. Everyone has got gifts and talents, how you live is what turns your gifts and talent into a creative product or service. If your life is not adding value to your world, it means you have lost your uniqueness to the world. You have robbed the world if you do not add to the world.


The word educate is derived from the Latin word “educere” which means to draw out or pull out the unique potentialities in others. It also means to lead out or bring from within an individual the treasure that lies inside of them. The greatest of all profession is teaching. To be an educator means to be someone who caused others to learn or experience life and live it from your exemplary living. It is not about teaching in schools across all levels of education. It is the way you live that becomes the lessons others want to learn.

The L-LOVE, I-INSPIRE, V-VALUE, E-EDUCATE is the core pillars of Boys Mentoring Advocacy Network. We are on a mission that this becomes the universal message for all. You will live a joyful, peaceful and productive life when you apply these four qualities to live and leave your mark on the sand of time.

Have a Joyful and energetic day.

In service,

Ola Akinwe

Ola Akinwe is a Philanthropreneur, Literacy Activist and Boy-child Social Revolutionist. He is the founder of Boys Mentoring Advocacy Network (BMAN). A registered Non-Governmental Organization offering mentoring, training, coaching, support system, success development programs to guide boys and adolescent males on their journey to a healthy, caring, respectful and responsible manhood. He has been passionately equipping, inspiring and teaching young minds to love, learn, live and leave a legacy of an exemplary life since 2007. Ola is a NIGERIA COORDINATOR-International Men’s Day and NIGERIA COORDINATOR -World Day Of The Boy Child. Ola currently serves as the Nigeria Executive- Fathers and Family coalition of America (FFCA)

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