If education is preparation for life, what is the preparation? The answer is LITERACY

FATE OF OUR BOYS – “Illiteracy and Underachievement”

If boys become less educated, will girls be happy to marry men that are less educated than them?

It’s becoming more obvious that female are increasingly more educated and are desiring more educated males as husband. This gap is widening every year and it is gradually affecting the society greatly. If nothing is being done to encourage our boys to stay in school our educated women will be left with no choice than to risk marrying some less educated males as husbands. If education is preparation for life, how well are we preparing the boys?

The rate at which boys drop out of school is on the increase globally. Not many boys want to go to school let alone stay in school. This is simply the way our educational system is designed. The fact that we fail to consider and understand the profound difference between the male and female brain is one of the primary reasons why boys are not interested in schooling.

In, “The Boy Crisis”, by Warren Farrel and John Gray discovered, “The number of boys who said they didn’t like school has increased by 71 percent since 1980. Boys are also expelled from school three times as often as girls.” David Autor and Melanie Wasserman in, “Third Way Report titled Wayward Sons” reveals that, “over a period of time when the economic returns on education were increasing, male educational attainment and their income has stagnated.”

Over 57 Million children around the world live without access to basic education with boys representing a larger percentage. The consequences of the uneducated boys are the bane of the destructive and reactive behaviour among boys these days. The chances of employment for the uneducated boys are very slim and no educated woman will ever be desirous of an uneducated man. The effect is simply UNDERACHIEVEMENT. This is the root of economic and income stagnation among men. When they cannot create or get opportunities to advance a productive life, they become reactive and destructive.

Our world will continue to witness disastrous and catastrophic happenings from crimes, serial killings humiliations and victimizations of the opposite sex should we not act to educate the boy child properly both in intellect and character.

Globally, reading and writing skill are the predictor of academic success. It is a major determinant in the economic activities which results in economic and social status of the individual.

If education is preparation for life, what is the preparation? The answer is LITERACY. Research shows that education changes everything. LITERACY is the fundamental driver of all the changes education brings to mankind.

Literacy is the single most significant skill needed to function effectively in school, in the work place and in society… it is vital to a successful education, career and quality of life. It is disheartening to say this is where most boys fail most in their elementary school years and that it discourages boys from school due to the struggle, shame and stigmatization attached to this failure.

It was William J, Clinton who said, “Literacy is not a luxury, it is a right and responsibility.” As a Literacy Activist, I have moved into action to reduce the frustrations of boys in reading and writing skills development through the establishment of BMAN LITERACY CENTRE to re-enroll boys who dropped out of school to have the opportunity to acquire the literacy skills needed for peaceful, fruitful and joyful lives.

As former US president Barack Obama, put it strongly that, “Literacy is the most basic currency of the knowledge economy. We seek for your support to sustain this timely and needed initiative. The success of the boy child is not only our collective concern but also our collective joy. Education of the boy child is the collective responsibility of all.

As way to sustain this initiative I have completed the first series of the book tilled, “Best Advice Ever Received.”  Getting a copy of this book and with your support help us reduce the literacy gap among boys. For your order of the book and to support this initiative, please contact or call +234 802 301 0608, +234 815 500 2255

In service,

Ola Akinwe

Ola Akinwe is a Philanthropreneur, Literacy Activist and Boy-child Social Revolutionist. He is the founder of Boys Mentoring Advocacy Network (BMAN). A registered Non-Governmental Organization offering mentoring, training, coaching, support system, success development programs to guide boys and adolescent males on their journey to a healthy, caring, respectful and responsible manhood. He has been passionately equipping, inspiring and teaching young minds to love, learn, live and leave a legacy of an exemplary life since 2007. Ola is a NIGERIA COORDINATOR-International Men’s Day and NIGERIA COORDINATOR -World Day Of The Boy Child. Ola currently serves as the Nigeria Executive- Fathers and Family coalition of America (FFCA)

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