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Fellow Africans,

I am Ola Akinwe

Founder – Boys Mentoring Advocacy Network (BMAN)

Nigeria Coordinator-World Day Of The Boy-Child (WDBC

 “Today’s Boys will be tomorrow’s men “keeping this as the focus point ”. May 16 is a day earmarked to celebrate and deliberate on issues affecting the boy child globally. I am extremely excited for the opportunity to represent Africa in   a webinar on “discrimination against the boy child” with world global leaders who are advocating Men’s and Child rights in association with “World Day of The Boy Child” and “International Men’s Day organized by  MEN HELPLINE ORG, NEW DELHI, on MAY 11th 2020 .

List of Guests

Kumar S Ratan (Advocating for Men’s and Child Rights, Founder of Save Child India Foundation and Purusharth Innocence Project)

Jerome Teelucksingh PhD (Founder of World Day of the Boy Child and Global Coordinator of International Men’s Day)

Alan Millard PhD (writer of A Flaw from Within and Equality A Man’s Claim, leader of Men’s Equality group, advocating Men’s and Boy’s rights since 1980)

Manmeet Singh (Activist advocating for Men’s and Child’s Rights, Founder of Purusharth Innocence Project)

Benjamin Stone (IMP, PHS, Executive Director IMD Canada)

Ola Akinwe (Founder of Boys Mentoring Advocacy Network (BMAN), Nigeria Coordinator-International Men’s Day and Nigeria)

Deepak Chaudhry (Activist advocating for Men’s and Child’s Rights, Founder of Purusharth Innocence Project)

Vivek Singh (India IMD Coordinator)

The Speakers Views:

It looks that the whole system is behind our boys who keep watching for their mistakes to punish them. If we talk about the recent issue of “Bios locker room”, Delhi police immediately file F.I.R in the case after notice of Delhi commission of women and they also detained a 15 years old boy, later it came that, it was a girl with her changed identity, she was talking abusive about the girls.

Here it comes that, police and society must have acted maturely in the “boies locker room”, because they are young, the children act sometime in influences and obviously they do not own responsibility of their actions, due to their capacity of thinking and concluding power.

Considering the ongoing discrimination of boys in the system, in the webinar session, it came in conclusion that boys are losing their identity due to feminism influences, and the whole system stands against the boys, which is very traumatic for them. So world leaders of men’s and boy’s rights focused on educating both genders to give each-other equal respects.

Mr. Kumar S Ratan said “Women today wants all the traditional benefits without equal work which is not feminism.” Article 14 of Constitution of India talks about “everyone should equal before law”, boys treated guilty before proven guilty but when it is about the “crime against women”, and the same happened in “Bios-locker-room” conspiracy.

The event began with the words of Jerome Teelucksingh, he talked about the importance and the necessity of the “World Day Of The Boy Child”. He also said “Boys are often denied basic human rights as they struggle in poverty and are not offered equal opportunities in certain sector. The world’s boys often lack proper guidance and this result in confused sexual identity and mental trauma. Boys in the Caribbean have been abused, alienated and marginalized.”

Mr. Alan Millard said “Hold people of power and influence accountable to their positions of authority per the standards of their positions to effect men’s equality. Expose the money trail and hidden agenda. Educate and influence people, especially valuable when realized through boys’ development. Do not assign an alpha/beta categorization to make some males inferior and other superior to each other–another form of man-shaming. Boys must realize they are special in their own right rather than assigned a script that they must be held to designing them as inferior and mere disposable servants/pawns for women. Boys must not be cast as inferior from birth beginning with circumcision and shortly thereafter denied the same love and attention provided to girls, including registering for military service when their female counterparts do not.”

Mr. Manmeet Singh said “its systematics and institutionalized discrimination against men brought by certain militant – gender biased individuals and organizations has setup the society for sociological, cultural and financial ruin”.

Mr. Benjamin Stone, IMP, PHS, Executive Director, IMD Canada said “Positive masculinity needed to fight trinity.”

Mr. Ola Akinwe said on “The change in behavior of the boy child caused by the obsessive admiration for the perceived benefits of the opposite sex and also by apparent injustice on the male folks which results in resentfulness towards the opposite sex”,

Mr. Deepak Choudhry said, “Government focused on Beti Bachao Beti Padhao and many states has free education for girls, but they are least focused towards our boys. In India you can see many boys child working at tea stall and they are unprivileged.”

Mr. Vivek Singh said “Mental illness, and circumcision (Male Genital Mutation) in boys is ignored he also said that chivalry is one of the major cause of discrimination against boys which is being taught to them from their childhood.”

At last Mr. Kumar S Ratan concluded the session by thanking all the hosts and participants to for joining the webinar.

The program was a successful one in spreading awareness about World Day of the boy child and its importance and need and how boys get discriminated from childhood.

The program was concluded with resolutions are as follows:

– Activism and advocacy for discrimination against the boy child

– Education of the Boy and Girls Child and the right of the male folks.

– Educate agencies and law makers in order to ensure constitutional guarantees

– Providing positive developmental roles models for the boy child

– Engaging women and girls in the eradication of the obsessive admiration for the perceived benefits of the opposite sex by boys which results in gender transitioning.

– The world leader will unitedly act and raise voice against discrimination with boys.

If you have a nephew, son, or brother, join me to celebrate him all through this week, type “I stand with the boy child” in the comment section below

#saveourboys #saveoursons #Istandwiththeboycild


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