Lagos, Nigeria- March 8, 2019-The cycles of violence in southern Kaduna communities which escalated from 2011 has finally been brought under control. Affected communities are now making efforts to rebuild their homes and their lives. These communities are located in the southern part of Kaduna State and comprise of farming communities and herdsmen settlements. Both communities have lived peacefully until the political crisis of 2011.

There are about 350 children in Tafan and its eight satellite villages who have missed regular school since 2011. The irregular access to the nearest school has led to a significant loss of quality education for these children. It is common to have children in Primary six who are unable to read and write. So a lot of remedial effort has to be put in place to help the children to be at par with their urban-based peers.

The re-education of the mothers will go a long way to make whatever the children learn at school to be sustainable as the mothers can help reinforce the school trainings at home

At the moment, we have raised funds for the construction of two 3-room apartments in the Tafan community where over 60% of the homes were burnt down. Our strategy engages the owners of the apartments to work with us in moulding the bricks and the actual building work. We have in-house expertise in the use of compressed bricks and we have moved our machines to Tafan, and have been able to make the bricks. We have started the building of the walls. We are also working with some youths in the community presenting them this opportunity to learn new skills in compressed bricks making and masonry.

John Dada, a volunteer with Fantsuam Foundation who has been affiliated with the foundation since he retired his appointment with the university is the project director for the ongoing reconstruction in Tafan community.

“The Fantsuam Foundation has endorsed a partnership with BMAN’s LIFE Support Initiative which will result in the construction of a six-room block of classrooms for Tafan.   BMAN and the Fantsuam Foundation will collaborate to raise the necessary funds for rebuilding the primary school, and providing basic furniture and teaching aid for the school,” Mr. Ola Akinwe, the founder and Executive Director of BMAN remarked when reached for comment. 

BMAN Low Income Families Education (L.I.F.E) Support was established to give incentives to parents with low income to keep their children in school. BMAN L.I.F.E Support is expanding this gesture to children in rural communities to open up educational opportunities for children from low income families so that they have the hope of positively contributing to a thriving society.  BMAN believes that the reconstruction of destroyed homes and institutions provide one sustainable method of restoring peace and good neighborliness in these communities. This school can become the main inter-ethnic peace-building activity in these affected communities. It is our hope to complete the building of the two apartments by end of March, and if we are able to mobilize enough funds we would like to start building a 5-classroom school for the village. At the moment, the nearest school is through bush path to Gidan Waya, a distance of about six kilometers.

BMAN LIFE Support respectfully seeks collaboration from individuals and organizations in magnanimously contributing educational materials and resources to this Initiative and in assisting the Initiative in reaching its funding goal of $28,793.388. The funds received will be applied to reconstruction costs for the six blocks of school classrooms with furniture for children from Tafan and its eight satellite communities.  This collaborative effort under the umbrella of BMAN LIFE Support will eradicate barriers confronting Tafan’s children created by educational limitations – barriers which will make it extremely difficult, if not impossible, for them to become productive and successful adults.

For participation and sponsorship, please send inquiries to or call: +234 802 301 0608 or +234 815 500 2255

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  1. Joshua Beckford

    My Special Project to help create a better future for the children of from Low Income Families in Nigeria.

    I am motivated and excited to be the L.I.F.E Support Ambassador for BMAN to help fundraise to rebuild this school for all the children of Tafan in Kaduna State Nigeria.

    This will be a life-changing project.

    Together we can help produce the future Scientists,Engineers, Doctors, Educators, Lawyers, Pilots and other skilled people.

    Please click the Donate button to give whatever you can to help me reach the target of $28.793,388

    Joshua Beckford
    L.I.F.E Support Ambassador

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