Community Mentoring- Kith & Kin Mentoring program


“A mentor is someone you look up to because you can see everything you want to be shining out through their eyes”

LAGOS, NIGERIA – FEBRUARY 16, 2019 – Boys Mentoring Advocacy Network is pioneering a community mentoring initiative “Kith & Kin”. This initiative creates mentoring programs that consider both the community and culture are developed in collaboration with community members and build on strengths within the community. The mentoring relationship will include not only the mentor and the young person, but also his or her family and the community to ensure success.

The “Kith & Kin” mentoring programs will help to groom and connect youth and mentors to the tribal culture to which they belong by helping them to learn about their native community and family; encouraging an appreciation for Elders and traditional teachers, grandparents and parents; and including Native history, language and culture in the program

Elders and traditional teachers are able to share cultural traditions and values with younger generations to build a sense of personal and societal identity. An additional benefit of Kith & Kin mentoring program is that young people are taught the importance of community stewardship and the ways of the land.

BMAN is seeking for kinsmen/kinswomen who will volunteer to mentor four kindred in their family, tribe and clan or in their community.

Individuals, communities, organizations, and institutions interested in participating in and raising awareness for Kith & Kin Mentoring program should contact MR. OLA AKINWE, by sending an e-mail to: or by calling: +234 802 301 0608, +234 815 500 5522.

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