Nigeria Children’s Initiative


                 LAGOS, NIGERIA- 2 February 2019 –   Out of the 7.6 billion souls who occupy Planet Earth, 198,865,000 of these souls reside in  Nigeria on the African Continent.  Although it is the one of the world’s leading exporters of oil — its primary source of revenue — Nigeria spends its revenue mostly on importing among other things, food and gasoline.  At the end of 2018, at least approximately 90,856,838 Nigerians were living in extreme poverty, that is, living on less than US$1.25 each day.  Approximately 87,500,952 in Nigeria souls are children under the age of 15. An overwhelming number of these 87,500,952 souls have been born into families that barely have access to the necessities other  souls in the world take for granted such as food and clothing.  Many of Nigeria’s children lack adequate access to clothing, shoes, toys, bicycle  and essential tools they will need for school such as composition books, pens, pencils, paper, and textbooks.   This is a scenario that the Boys Mentoring Advocacy Network (“BMAN”) ( under the leadership of its Founder, Mr. Ola Akinwe, is preparing to change with the proposed launch of the “Nigeria Children’s Initiative”. Through its “Nigeria Children’s Initiative”, BMAN plans to provide impoverished Nigerian children with clothes, shoes, composition books, pens, pencils, toys, paper, age appropriate children’s books, and textbooks.  BMAN has garnered global support for the “Nigeria Children’s Initiative” which takes the form of a partnership with the United States International Men’s Day Team ( under the International Men’s Day umbrella.  The United States International Men’s Day Team will assist BMAN in identifying and introducing it to prospective American donors of clothing, shoes, toys, age-appropriate literature, school supplies, toys, and textbooks.  Nigeria is among 86 nations that observes International Men’s Day which celebrates and honors the contributions and sacrifices that Men make to families, communities, and society on 19 November of each year.   Inaugurated in 1999 by Jerome Teeluckskingh, Ph.D. in Trinidad and Tobago, International Men’s Day shares a 48-hour partnership with Universal Children Day’ which is observed on 20 November of each year and is endorsed by the United Nations.

For further information concerning BMAN’s “Nigeria Children’s Initiative”, contact Mr Ola Akinwe by either sending an e-mail to: or by calling Mr. Akinwe at +234 802 301 0608 or +234 815 500 2255.

To learn more about BMAN’s mission, visit its website at

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