BMAN Breast Cancer Screening Campaign


                 LAGOS, NIGERIA- January 31, 2019 – Each day a woman dies of breast cancer.  Most deaths resulting from breast cancer can be managed should detection of this killer disease be discovered early enough but it is not so with many women especially teachers who earn a low income that can barely take care of her basic needs.

Seeing the trend of breast cancer cutting short the lives of women who are very significant in mentoring our sons led the founder of Boys Mentoring Advocacy Network (BMAN), Mr. Ola Akinwe, to kick start a free breast cancer examination and screening for female teachers and mothers during the organization’s monthly conference which occurred in January 2019  under the theme “Personal Mission Statement – The Springboard of An Enduring Legacy.”

“The free breast cancer examination and screening began with a lecture on how to take a healthy care of the breast and was delivered by Mrs Aduke Abiba, Executive Director, RAO Wellness Consult.  The proper screening was done for about fifty teachers and mothers.  Two of them were further referred for mammogram screening for more investigation but others were very glad to be part of the exercise. One of the women referred for the mammogram screening came to us to request for financial assistance due to her inability to pay for the further investigation. We are working to identify sources of financial support or sponsorship to help her with this investigation. One of the teachers in her mid-forties was very delighted and praised BMAN for this gesture towards female teachers and requested that it should be extended beyond today as this was her first breast cancer screening ever.  So, why am I – a man – deeply concerned about breast cancer?  For me, breast cancer is personal.  . In December 2018, I Iost a friend who was a mother of three, with the youngest child at age 3, to breast cancer. On January 25, 2019.   I also lost my aunt to breast cancer.  This created a huge vacuum of motherlessness for our children.  BMAN is facilitating free breast cancer examinations and screenings for approximately 1,000 female teachers in the first quarter of 2019.  Approximately, sixty-five percent of teachers in elementary and high school are female and there is need for us to help them know their health status,” remarked Mr. Akinwe.

BMAN is seeking for organization and individual support and donations to extend this screening to female teachers in rural communities thereby helping to mold the lives of our sons.

For volunteering, participation and donations please contact or call +2348023010608 or +2348155002255



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