The Mask You Live In


LAGOS, NIGERIA – 05 January 2019- Less than 50% of boys and men with mental health challenges seek help. They prefer to give up their lives. Everyday 3 or more boys commit suicide in the US and a higher figure across the globe.

As a society, how are we failing our boys? This question is what engenders the collaboration between The Ever Forward Club, USA and Boys Mentoring Advocacy Network {BMAN}, Nigeria.

    “To help our young people, adults, and community gain a deeper understanding of how much we have in common. People all over the world can understand the concept of wearing a mask and working hard to ignore those things in our lives that we don’t think that people would understand. This collection of masks will help us to gather a deeper understanding of people all over the world and to show how connected we really are when it comes to the masks we live in,” explained Mr. Branch.

The #100kMasks Challenge offers participants the opportunity to write the qualities you let people see and also the things you don’t usually let people see about you. It is an initiative to build deeper in-class connections among students as they realize they are not alone regarding the things they face in their lives.

Pratik Chhetri who currently serves as the #100kMasks Challenge Project Lead was super excited about the collaboration and had this to say, “On behalf of Ever Forward – Siempre Adelante, we thank you for your continued interest with The Ever Forward Club! And thank you for being willing to help Ever Forward grow our campaign in Nigeria.”

            To learn more and for participation in the #100kMarks Challenge in Nigeria, contact Mr. Ola Akinwe by sending an e-mail to: or by calling:  +234 802 301 0608, +234 815 500 2255



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