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All I Wanted To Be Was A Professional Driver – Dr. Clement Ogeleyinbo

Dr. Clement Ogeleyinbo is an alumnus of Guy’s and St Thomas Medical School, University of London. A fellow of many reputable Institutes in UK and has also made presentations at various conferences across the UK and Europe on the impact of diligent clinical laboratory diagnoses and effect of psychoactive drug in the work place and in the communities.   Associate member of Drug and Alcohol Research Centre (DARC), University of Middlesex, UK.

He has had over 29 years in (UK) National Health Service, (NHS) primary health care, preventive medicine and experience in Blood and Transplant delivery. He has had over 20 years in clinical management and diagnostic experience, before leaving the services in December 2016 he was leading a team of 90 in Good Manufacturing Practice of clinical blood components. He is very experienced in blood bag, equipment procurement, blood product validation and quality monitoring of transfusion medicine. He is an expert in the use of sophisticated equipment for clinical laboratory diagnoses, blood processing, preventive medicine and health and lifestyle well-being.

As Deputy Head of department at National Health Services Blood and Transplant (NHSBT) UK, he is responsible for a team of 80 clinical diagnostic staff. In this role, he has four key activities viz, procurement of Baxter and Macopharma blood bags for both paediatrics and adult blood, Production of 1500 units of blood per day following the strict standards of NHS and EU regulation, Validation and quality monitoring of products to ensure compliance with Medical Health Regulatory Authority (MHRA), UK, and Adoption of appropriate management style and activities to ensure effective team work and the delivery of clinical objectives.

Dr. Clement currently serves as the Managing Director/CEO, CoA Health & Lifestyle Checks Limited. An indigenous Diagnostic Company with broad technical expertise, possessing current state of the – art United Kingdom – made Mobile Diagnostic equipment of varying shades.

Dr. Clement was guest facilitator at the BMAN conference held in Lagos Nigeria on Saturday March 24, 2018. These were his thoughts and advice as he shared his experiences with the boys while responding to the BMAN MentorMe Session;


During my primary school years in those days, I hated school and I was always at the bottom of the class. I always failed my first and second term examinations but somehow will get through 3rd term exams and got promoted to the next class. This was my trade mark in primary school years because of my hatred for school and all I wanted to be was a professional driver. I got fascinated with motor vehicles back then; sometimes I would run away from school and go to the motor park.

After I completed my primary school education, I deliberately felt sick on the day of my common entrance examination.

As God will have it, my elder brother came home for Christmas from Lagos and was very upset when my parent told him that I wanted to be a professional driver. He persuaded me to come with him to Lagos to work after the Christmas and New Year celebrations. As my destiny would have it, he got me a job as an office boy a month after I came to Lagos. After five months I left and joined Nigeria breweries as a casual worker in the engineering department.

My time in the department was very interesting and an eye opener. Majority of the staff were all technical college graduate and back then, once you start your first job, you will be presented with a car i.e. Ladda or Volkswagen bettle. Looking at the way these boys and girls were treated like kings, I decided to go back to school. I resigned after 14 months at Nigeria breweries and left Lagos without admission to any school or college and headed to Bendel state now Edo state in search of admission.

Luckily after 3 months I gained admission into form one of Benin technical secondary school Benin City. From day one I never looked back and always came 1st throughout my secondary school years and my name was changed from Clement to Element because I was so good in chemistry and biology, in fact, I always scored 100% in my chemistry exams.

From form one I was made the class prefect and a janitor in my Final year. I sat for my GCE in form 4 and got five very good grades with professional admission to University of London ST. Thomas medical school, I left Nigeria two weeks after my WAEC examination. 

LESSON: The work environment in the engineering department at Nigeria Breweries challenged me to go back to school. Thank God it was not too late for me to do so.


My biggest failure was my inability to start my medical studies immediately but had to study for one year advance level before proceeding to my main cause.

LESSON: Make sure you are never discouraged and be focus, focus and focus.


This came at the end of my advance levels programme. I was nominated for a tuition free study by the programme director as one of the outstanding student.

LESSON: Always be yourself and believe in yourself, your ability, work hard and be honest.


Never look back but always look forward. During my first four weeks of a shaky and rocky start, I went to the nearest Catholic Church for prayer. The Reverend Father prayed and said never look back but forward. Put your past behind you and look forward. Honesty speaking I had never looked back since then.


It took many years to decide that coming back home (Nigeria) may be a way of adding to the society and help to build our nation.

LESSON: It’s never too late.


Third day after I arrived in U.K back then, I went into a phone boot to call my parents that I was still waiting for remittance. I found £1300 credit cards keys but no address in the phone boot. I was disturbed and scared because I had no penny with me. I put on courage and took it to the police station at Elephant and Castle station.

My details were taken and the police thanked me with a promise to call me back but no one did. I was latter told that they probably kept the cash to themselves.

LESSON: The lord blessed me in so many ways. It pays to be honest no matter your circumstances.


It was a huge gamble to have left my fantastic position to come back home in this mad environment but determined to make it work and contribute my quota to nations building.


Failure!  I mean the lack of success as a result of my past experiences. The only way to succeed is hard work and hard work with prayers. 


Honestly, I would really love to learn how to understand Nigerians. Nigerians are wonderful people but sometimes could be very deceptive, one needs to be very careful when dealing with them. This I would like to learn.


Does it worth it to gamble everything you have worked for all your life in the hope that you want to make a difference? As we grow older, we should not be afraid of making  very difficult decisions because that is the only way we can shape our life, reach out to people and make a positive change and contribute to our environment.

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