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Since I Learnt To Discern And Develop My Unique Gifts, My Life Changed!- Paul Muhami

Paul has over 20 years in the corporate world, holding various positions in sales, marketing and business development. He has worked at British American Tobacco, Old Mutual, Britam, Sumac Microfinance Bank among others. He currently runs Genuine Properties Ltd (real estate sales and consultancy) and Grace Capital Ltd (investment advisory services).

Paul is passionate about personal growth and entrepreneurship. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship. He is a member of various professional bodies, and sits on the board of the Economic Empowerment Ministry in his church.

As the current chairman of the Men’s Ministry at Jubilee Christian Church, he is a passionate trainer on the Man Enough Program.

He is married with two lovely children, so he fully understands children. His vision is to raise a more responsible and confident boy child who is better equipped to handle life’s challenges and opportunities.

If we don’t do it, who will? If not now, when? We must rise to the occasion! We Can, We Will, We Must. 

Paul currently serves as the National Coordinator for Boys Mentoring Advocacy Network (BMAN) in Kenya, East Africa. Paul shares his thoughts with BMAN  while responding to the Mentor Me Series.

Turning Point and Your Greatest Success

In November 2007, I was retrenched from my sales job at British American Tobacco Kenya. All my working life, I had never envisioned a life without the job. Like a fish out of water, I struggled, doing many unrelated things, losing my “pension” in the process.

I then asked myself: why have I been struggling, alone? Why not ask for help? Luckily, I connected with someone who introduced the word “mentor” to me. I then asked myself: how many men and boys are struggling out there, seeking solutions in life? This year, I decided to create a mentoring platform to offer solutions to the boychild. Even before I designed one, I saw BMAN and said, wow! Here comes God’s solution for me! Why reinvent the wheel instead of joining the body of Christ?

My greatest success is teaching men how to be more proactive and responsible for mentoring the next generation. For two years now, I have facilitated various training programs from men and boys, and I feel really fulfilled. Clearly for me, this is purpose! 

Biggest Failure and Lesson Learned

My biggest failure is trying to discover things on my own. There is nothing new under the sun. Whatever you are going through, someone else has gone through it and overcome it. Seek them out and seek help. Also, trying to be everything at the same time.

Focus on your area of grace and don’t get distracted by the many shining, “get-rich-quick” scams all around you. Focus on what you are doing, and why. Ignore everything else.

Helping Hands

I always love helping people, especially those that can’t pay me. Recently, we were in a crusade in Nairobi and the Lord led a man to me. This man was on the verge of suicide-in fact he was on the way to the river to swallow drugs and die. I spoke to him about my life, my past challenges and how I got born-again. There and then, he accepted Jesus into his life and started walking with me, preaching!

I felt like Jesus Himself, who people followed after being healed. The man is now very active in church, and will go very far in life! To God be the glory, for leading the man towards salvation! 

Best Advice Ever Received

“Be Fruitful and Multiply.” (Genesis 1:28). My mentor taught me that success is about knowing and obeying God and His principles. Since I learnt to discern and develop my unique gifts, my life changed! 

I Wished I Had Known

The problems of the world are caused by spiritual blindness, which manifests as ignorance, fear, doubt and procrastination. All the solutions we keep seeking are in plain sight. They are not secrets-we just need God to open our spiritual eyes. It begins by accepting Him to lead you, and opening your Bible more often!

Funniest Thing I Ever Did

The first day I came to Nairobi, I alighted the vehicle at the advised place (Tea Room), then decided to find my way. I walked and walked, and always ended up at a place called Tea Room. I wondered how many Tea Rooms there were in Nairobi, and how come they are looked alike?

Only to discover I was going round in circles and ending at the very exact place. there were no mobile phones or Google then, so I paid the price. Isn’t it funny that that is exactly how we live our lives, being very busy running on the treadmill but going…. Nowhere? Mentorship is the answer.

Something I Did That Took Courage.

I have done many things that took courage. Even getting born-again, venturing into business while everyone else was chasing jobs and even offering me some. I have discovered that success is not the absence of fear or doing what is easy. It is following your heart and going against the masses.

Something I’m afraid of.

I would say that I fear going to death before achieving my purpose on earth. I do everything possible to ensure I waste no time. I have wasted so much of it already, I really can’t afford to lose any more time.

I’d Really Like to Learn

I would like to travel around the world and learn how other men solve the challenges around them. I feel called to be an entrepreneur, with a Kingdom touch. There is no need of reinventing the wheel. This will help me ailing our training and mentoring programs to 21st century realities.

My Greatest Question

Why was I born? I used to sing “Born to suffer,” but stopped immediately I read about the power of our words. Instead, am now busy discovering and doing my purpose, and inspiring others to do the same.

God bless you.

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  1. paulmuhami

    Amen! I thank God for the opportunity to serve.

    1. bmanadmin

      Together we can mentor our boys to become better men.

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