I Sold My Car to Raise Money to Celebrate 10 Music Icons of Lagos History- Bimbo Esho

Bimbo Esho is the Managing Director of Evergreen Musical Company Limited. Bimbo is an entrepreneur, and she holds a Bachelor of Science Degree (Bsc.) in Anthropology from the Premier and Prestigious University of Ibadan (UI) in Oyo State.

Her interest in music spans a period of over 12 years when as a young undergraduate she wrote her final year thesis on Highlife Music in Nigeria a research study that took her on a musical odyssey across the length and breadth of Nigeria documenting and researching into the lives of different forgotten Nigerian music legends.

Bimbo’s intense creative prowess stopped her from looking for a white collar job unlike her contemporaries but rather she joined her father’s printing press and under his tutelage she rose to a top managerial position supervising very sensitive printing jobs ie Nigerdock , Nitel, CBN, etc .

Her innate passion, talent and experiences also span from wide range of industries including entertainment, fashion, and event management. She is the MD/CEO of Esho-Re, a clothing/uniform company that has been the brain behind campaign uniforms of successful politicians and uniforms of staff of other big conglomerates in Nigeria. ie hotels, hospitals, religious institutions, corporate organizations, government parastatals, etc.Her event company The Amuluduns which is 100% indigenous Event Management Company under her leadership has organized many top of the notch events in Nigeria.

Bimbo is a columnist for the oldest Society Soft Sell Magazine in Nigeria (City People Magazine) where she contributes weekly in their music column. Bimbo’s unabated love for knowledge made her to create an online chat group called Members of Music Icons (MMIs) which comprises Famous Nigerian Music Icons, Researchers, Music Collectors, Music Directors, Art Collectors, Poets, Journalist, Radio Presenters, Universities Dons, HODs, Music therapist and other prominent personalities from different sectors of the economy all with a common goal to share music education and experiences.

Bimbo has handled many projects for Evergreen Musical Company which includes Nigeria Independence Parade of Stars, Dr. Victor Abimbola Olaiya’s 60 years on Stage, A centenary of Nigerian Music at 100 Years (1914-2014), Last of the Originals a Celebration of the Juju Highlife King, Public presentation and launching of the entire works of Fela Anikulapo Kuti and many more, she is an easy going lady and very enterprising and industrious.

Bimbo was a special guest during Purpose Discovery Seminar held in Lagos Nigeria on Friday February 23, 2018. These were her thoughts and advice as she shared her experiences with the boys while responding to the BMAN MentorMe Session;

Turning point and your greatest success

The turning point in my life began after my university education in University of Ibadan. I set up my printing press after years of training in printing with my dad. I started collecting printing jobs at the age of 24 years from some big conglomerates including the oldest HMO in Nigeria Total Health Trust.

After many years of experience in general print I set up in 2010 my event company “The Amuluduns” a top notch event company that has handled very big events in Nigeria including The Festival 50 event where over 45 Nigerian and Ghanaian musicians were rewarded for their toil and creativity. This event took place during Nigerian 50 years Independence Day celebration.

In 2014 I set up my uniform company “Esho Re” a brand that is behind manufacturing of indigenous branded outfits/uniforms targeted at male and female in the society. Such as corporate wears, school uniforms, hotel uniforms, sport uniforms, campaign shirts and so on.

In 2015 I became the Managing Director of my father’s company Evergreen Musical Company “Africa’s largest collector of music of yesteryears.

For me all these were all turning points in my life that helped me discover me.

Biggest failure and lesson learned

Let the truth be told I never had any failure in life.

Helping Hands

About four years ago I met Ali he was then a student of Kwara state Polytechnic. He was a very young and enterprising man. He wanted the best out of life and craved for a good education. Ali visited me one day and said he wanted to set up a barbing salon in school because he needed part of the proceeds to take care of his school fees and also take care of his siblings. I saw in him a boy that knew what he was doing. He had serious passion for success. I decided to invest in him. Today Ali runs a big Garment making outfit and Salon in Lagos.

Olatoye another young man I met though he was about 10 years older when I met him. I needed a driver at that time and I met Olatoye who lost two cars at different times due to some grave circumstances. Olatoye was almost giving up on himself when I met him and decided to employ him as my driver. I was in my late 20’s when I helped to rehabilitate him to believe in himself. After working with me for some few years he then relocated to Osun state when he later got married and lives at present.

 Best Advice Ever Received

One of the very best advice ever received was from one of my friends who encouraged me in my early years to learn to be self-reliant and use my innate creativity to set up different businesses that I operate today.

I wished you had known

Nothing at all

Funniest thing I ever did.

Nothing at all

Taking Courage

Selling my car to raise money so as to celebrate 10 music icons of Lagos history who have contributed immensely to Lagos music evolution in the past 50 years. This became necessary when Lagos State clocked 50. It happened during the Nigerian recession period. I had to do it for posterity sake.

Something I’m afraid of.

I am afraid of failing. I have always been a goal getter who breaks challenges into nothing.

I’d really like to learn

Nothing at all. Any time I find anything that interests me I learn it.

My greatest question

Will I ever make it to my dream?

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