A BMAN MemtorMe Session with Victor O. Oniyire

I Once Wore Socks In My Shoes While Putting On An Agbada-Victor O. Oniyire

Victor Oniyire is a graduate of Economics (OOU) and a holder of Masters Degree in Criminology (Cranfield).He is currently serving as a senior law enforcement officer in a government establishment.  He believes in solving the problem of social vices without violence through moral suasion and negotiations as a first option.

When he is not on official duty he loves to spend quality time with his family or engage in community development activities, a public speaker per excellence.After his stint in the public service he hopes to establish a business empire in the area of Real Estate consulting.

Victor was a special guest at the BMAN conference held in Lagos Nigeria on Friday January 26, 2018. These were his thoughts and advice as he shared his experiences with the boys while responding to the BMAN MentorMe Session;

 Turning point and greatest success

I’m a man of many parts. I’ve had several turning points in life and the journey is still far. So many things have happened in my life that changed my paradigm but perhaps I should just share one of them. My late mum was my best friend and closest confidant. She stood behind me like the rock of Gilbatrar. I couldn’t imagine life without her. I never harbored the thought that she would ever die because she was a very strong and hardworking woman. This naïve belief was however shattered in my final year as a university student. I was preparing for my final papers when I received news that she was critically ill and would love to see me. Right there and then I had the premonition of her death but I pushed it away quickly.

My mum unfortunately never recovered from the illness and she went to be with the Lord. That was a major turning point for me because suddenly mummy’s boy had to do things by himself. My friend and prayer pillar was gone!

Biggest failure and lesson learned

Growing up as a teenager was fun. In all standards I was a brilliant student churning out excellent grades in my academics. Against this backdrop my dad wanted me to be a medical doctor and I gladly aligned with his vision. However, my first JAMB attempt produced a score that was few marks short of the required cut-off points to pursue medicine as a course in my chosen institution. I was reliably informed that through some lobbying I could still make it into the list of those offered admission but my dad in his wisdom would not have that. He insisted instead that I attempt the JAMB examination again but I hot headedly went against his instruction and filled in for a social science course!

Of course, my action brought about a huge rancor in the family and I lost the opportunity of fulfilling my desire to be a doctor through impatience.

Fortune however smiled on me because I am privileged to be married to a medical doctor. She was a microbiology student when I met her but through the lesson I learned earlier in a hard way I was able to persuade her to change her course to medicine. Invariably, my desire was fulfilled in her.

Helping Hands

I deliberately love to be of help to people every blessed day no matter how minute my contribution is. That is the way I have deliberately configured my mind because I have also enjoyed help and goodwill hence I have a rich archive of helps rendered to people. One instance that vividly comes to mind is how I enroll in school all the less privileged persons that ever lived with me. The ones with less affinity for academic pursuits we assist to learn a skill.

Best Advice Ever Received

My best life advice is culled from the holy bible and it states ‘love your neighbor as yourself.

I wished had known

My answer to this question may be a bit off the curve but I like stating things the way they really are. I wish I had known earlier in my university days that by now situation of things would be as bad as it is in Nigeria. Perhaps I would have made different life choices in terms of family domiciliation. Nevertheless I try to turn every lemon thrown at me into lemonades.

Funniest thing I ever did.

I once wore socks in my shoes while putting on an Agbada. I only realized my folly when people started making funny comments. That was in 2003!

Taking Courage.

Building a personal house in present Nigerian was a herculean task that took great courage. It took me great courage to forego ostentatious lifestyle in order to achieve this feat in the year 2011.

Something I’m afraid of.

I’m very afraid of being termed a failure. This fear always motivates me to go an extra mile in whatever I choose to do.

 I’d really like to learn.

I aspire to learn French language. I was privileged to visit Paris in France in the year 2012. I lost several sterling opportunities that could add value to my life due to my inability to speak or understand the language. I made a mental note to learn that soon after all ex-president Obasanjo just bagged a PhD at age 79.

My greatest question

How successful can my children be? I often ask myself this question every now and then because my personal mission statement is built around them.

Thoughts on Victor Oniyire

What one word best describe Victor Oniyire ?


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What truly entertains about Victor Oniyire ?


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