A BMAN MentorMe Session with Babatunde Ojo

Have I Done All That Is Expected of Me in Life? –Babatunde Ojo

Babatunde Ojo oversees the enterprise systems security as Head of Systems and Information Security. With 17 years of experience in Information technology, he is responsible for ensuring customers get value from its data and shared infrastructure technology by providing secured telecommunication networks within and across multiple stakeholders networks and data centers.

Before now, Babatunde was the head of IT Infrastructure at Unified Payments (A financial technology company) where he delivered a secured data center that enables business and future ready, he was also a member of the Committee at Central Bank of Nigeria(CBN) where they develop policies on cloud computing. He also held IT positions in United Bank for Africa Plc, where he was responsible for the interconnection of acquired 18 UBA affiliates countries. Prior to this he had worked for Ecobank Nigeria Plc and Societe Generale Bank Ltd in various IT positions or capacities.

Babatunde holds a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering with honors from Ahmadu Bello University Zaria, an alumnus of De Montfort University Leicester (Msc), Cornell University Ithaca New York (High Performance Leadership) and Cisco Certified Network Professional

He is a deacon of the Nigerian Baptist Convention. Married to Portia and blessed with three children.

Babatunde was the guest facilitator at the BMAN conference held in Lagos Nigeria on Friday January 26, 2018. These were his thoughts and advice as he shared his experiences with the boys while responding to the BMAN MentorMe Session;

Turning Point and Greatest Success

The turning point in my life occurred very early in 1984 when I was in form 1 (now called JSS1). My father Chief Jacob Olayide Ojo had put me in a boarding house school (Barewa College Zaria) in Kaduna State. Usually after lunch my seniors would go back to classes to read for their WAEC and I would follow them in a bid to run away from harsh seniors. I did this a couple of time, then one day it occurred to me that reading enables you pass your exams, I had never paid attention to reading until then. I still recalled that faithful afternoon at about past 3pm, my understanding of life changed. That day I wrote a letter to my dad that now I realize why I was in school and that I had made up my mind to study hard and graduate very well.

The rest is history, I became a force to reckon with in the class and my teachers took notice. My dad came to visit me to further encourage me, there after I became successful all along my educational path in life.

Lesson: My seniors influenced me positively, attach yourself to people of good influence. 

Biggest failure and lesson learned

My biggest failure was my inability to finish university with a second class upper. A very senior lecturer of mine was determined to fail me because I refused to join his community of secret association. It was very painful  but I thank God, I had earlier gained points and every one knew I could not fail exams so they continued to deny me correct grade until I graduated. This was not the case in my MSc, I graduated with a distinction and was recognized by the vice chancellor of De Montfort University in the UK.

Lesson: Make your mark when you can, for change is always constant.

Helping Hands

In the year 2011, I applied to De Montfort University in the UK to study Computer Forensics at the MSc level. Although I had no funds to push me through, the courage that God would provide drove me steadily. I was admitted in June that year. I shared my joy with a senior colleague at work place and he (Mr Shittu Razak), demanded to see the admission letter, upon seeing the required fees necessary to commence the process he opted to pay for me. Yes! He paid 3000 pounds (N750, 000.00). This was a man who I only met at work, he was neither related to me nor are we from the same religion or locality.

Lesson: – God is always available to help, all we need is to make effort.

Best Advice Ever Received

Never push the hand of time. Be dedicated and conscientious at what you do, your potentials will always propel you. (By my father Jacob. Olayide Ojo, the author of Macmillan mathematic books JSS1 to SS111)

I Wished I Had Known

I did not know that there was so much opportunity or scholarships in and out of the country when I graduated from the university. Although it still exists it has become even more competitive.

Lesson: Read, learn, study, acquire knowledge, breakthroughs are always hidden and can only be discovered by the very meticulous person.

Funniest thing I ever did.

I recall in 1985 during the eclipse of the moon (when the moon cast its shadow on the earth). Due to ignorance, my friends in boarding school had just returned to spread the news “ there will be no day any more, the moon had covered the earth”, I was so disturbed that night I did not sleep and thought that would be the end of me. At day break, I was the happiest person on earth.

Lesson: We always pay for our Ignorance

Taking Courage

It took a lot of courage to resign from my work, left my young family and country to study for my Master’s program 11 years after I had completed first degree. I had no certainty of returning and getting a job neither was there hope of securing a job outside. But I was determined and motivated by the hope that lay ahead in the future.

Something I’m afraid of.

I am afraid of failing God as a person. I recognized that God has deposited so much in me that my life is about helping people to reach or live their potential. I have always prayed that God should help me to help people around me, sometimes I help people even at my detriment or that of my family.

 I’d really like to learn…

 I really like to learn and research more into the computer world. I dream of lecturing where I can add value of knowledge.

My greatest question

Have I done all that is expected of me in life? This rings in my head always, I am driven by the number of people I influence positively in life. As we grow, we will meet people of different color, skin, language, race and beliefs, it is our collective responsibility to always radiate good energy that will make people better as we aspire to make the world a better place. 

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