A BMAN mentoring Session with Bolatito O. Babashola

When You Muddle Issues of Life Up, You Tend To Nurse Certain Regrets For Life – Bolatito O. Babashola Esq

Babasola, Bolatito Christiana Olufunmi Teniola Esq, is a renowned Legal Practitioner of repute with years of practice experience.

Mrs. Bolatito is one of the few Notaries Public within her jurisdiction. Precisely, the first and only female Notary Public in Ikorodu, as at this date.

She is a member of the Nigerian Bar Association, Ikorodu Branch and currently the Treasurer of the same Ikorodu Branch of the Bar Association.

Mrs. Bolatito Babasola, who is married to Engineer Adeniyi Oluwole Babasola and blessed with Children, has many write-ups and publications to her credit. She is the author of a book titled “The Making of a Leader in the girl -child” published in 2008.

In addition to being a Lawyer, Mrs. Babasola is an industrious and successful business woman who partners with a Multinational manufacturing Company.

Mrs. Babasola has successfully prosecuted several cases and has a number of lawyers in her Law Firm, Bolatito O. Babasola & Co. where she is actively involved as the Principal Partner.

She is a Christian and a serving Minister in one of the largest Christian denomination in the whole world all by the enabling grace of God Almighty.

Mrs. Babasola was the special guest at the BMAN conference held in Lagos Nigeria on Friday the 23rd, February 2018.

These were her thoughts and advice as she shared her experiences with the boys while responding to the BMAN MentorMe Session.


My turning point was 12th January, 1995, a day I was both happy and sad all at once…At one time, there was in me, a deep seated “good mood” and in the ensuing minutes, the mood turned sour as I look around and I saw gloomy faces all over. Appearing to me at such an early age,  on the verge of breaking into great depression. I attempted to recoil back into myself. That was not to be. 

It dawn on me that my self-owned good mood cannot be sustain till I find smiles on the faces of the people starting from those nearest to me. As the years rolled by, Nature itself confirm my realization that a river cannot drink its own water, Tree cannot eat it’s own fruits. The Sun does not shine for itself and Flowers do not spread their fragrance for themselves. Living for others is a rule of nature.

Lesson: For each life affect, a Trophy in the form of a good mood is birth anew.


It was by every means avoidable but all the same, I failed to earn a first class in my first degree from the University.I could by God’s grace be a multi-taxed person, but with no mentor, I lost academic excellence to poor time management. I was involved in several noble life investments or portfolios but lost the immediate focus… my academics.

 One would understand why my next core academics pursuit was on Time management along with some other stuff I was confident I could chew at the same time. 

A huge lesson learnt by me is that there is time for everything. When you muddle issues of life up, you tend to nurse certain regret(s) for life. I wouldn’t want to add to those.


This happens every time needed. One significant help was leaving Western Nigeria to have my Tertiary education in the Southern part of Nigeria, at a relatively tender age. I found myself in distracting strife to get anything done in the university, like striving to get my school fee paid, as simple as that may sound, it was war. 

Petite by stature, I tried to manage my immediate environment. One such day, I was on a queue for a task. Out of no where I heard my name. I pressed the ignore button as I was sure I could not know anyone in this far away land let alone someone knowing me. But the fellow’s distance kept reducing and when he got nearest enough, he greeted but I put up the ugliest face imaginable. But the face got cleared when he mention all my siblings names and finally my mother’s name. Alas! My mother was his teacher during his basic classes. He and his wife became my school-parents till I graduated, they were there at my wedding ceremony and when my father was laid to rest.

Lesson: Whatever you make happen for others God makes possible for you.


Put God first with the fear of Him. I found this useful in my dealings with people. When you deceive or cheat others by depriving them of what is theirs, you build doom for yourself and your offspring.


I wish I knew and found a Mentor earlier than life happened.

Lesson: I learned to put my donkey rope in the hand of One Who makes no mistakes while He rides. And never in any religion or religious figure.


I deliberately refused to put any effort in my appearance for fear of attracting non-entity in the form of boys. No makeup, no tighties, just drapey clean cloths. My family pushed and pulled, to my friends, I was a cloudy day. But to me, my space was world enough.

Lesson: The funny exercise paid off. It repelled dreamer-boys and attracted to me my man of reality, that at the close of my University days.


It was not easy to begin afresh after being under tutelage for seven (7) good years. But Providence did me well.


I am afraid of God. Hence my reliance on Him to help me to positively spend all He deposited and invested in me before I leave planet earth. 


What makes societal Laws less useful in the face of human frailties.


What life applications have I added to lives around me by virtue of what I know? Are the certificates I hung on my wall mere decorations of folly or emblems of eased pains?

Thoughts on Mrs. Bolatito Babasola


What insight did you gain from Mrs. Bolatito Babasola?


Where did you find inspiration in Mrs. Bolatito Babasola?


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