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Nothing Is Really Difficult To a Determined Man – Dayo Lomuwagun

Dayo Lomuwagun is the Snr. Manager; Finance, Administration & Strategy at Private Sector Health Alliance of Nigeria. A chartered accountant, Dayo has vast experience in audit, financial control, financial reporting, treasury management, funds management, strategy consulting and capacity building. He trained with Deloitte, Nigeria and holds an MSc in Financial Management from Edinburgh Business School UK. Dayo has a passion for providing a cutting edge financial and accountancy services and helping to build sustainable institutions
Dayo is a seasoned public analyst, social commentator and motivational speaker with burning desire for nurturing young people to becoming responsible leaders. He is a prolific writer with many published books to his credit. He is a licenced tutor of the Edinburgh Business School. Dayo is currently pursuing an LLB degree in Law at the University of Law, one of UK’s most famous Law institutions.
He is happily married and lives with his family in Lagos, Nigeria.
Dayo was a special guest during the maiden edition of the BMAN conference held in Lagos Nigeria on Friday November 24, 2017. These were his thoughts and advice as he shared his experiences with the boys while responding to the BMAN MentorMe Session;

Turning Point and Greatest Success
The turning point was when I lost my father, then I was only in Primary Four. With the burden of seven people now on only one poor woman, things changed for worse. My mother told me and my other siblings to be hardworking, determined to succeed, not compare ourselves with others, and trust God for help.
The greatest success came when I discovered my passion for writing and published my first book. I was greatly encouraged to further successful achievements in writing when I was told a story. It was the story of a boy who had determined not to go back to school again, despite how his parents tried to convince him. However, after reading my first book, “The Rush for the Top”, he packed his books and without further persuasion went back to school. Today, he is a graduate, living a good life. That was one of my motivation to continue to write.
Biggest failure and lesson learned
My biggest failure was when I wrote WAEC and had only a P7 in Mathematics. I had not been serious with Mathematics because I thought I was going to be a lawyer and did not require a credit pass in Mathematics at that time. After some events, I changed my mind and I decided that I was going to be an accountant, and had to have a credit pass in Mathematics. I put in for GCE, read like never before; sought knowledge from everybody and anybody. The result? I was on the 11th questions during the examination when I was only required to answer ten (10) questions. The result was very good. The lesson I learnt was that, nothing is really difficult to a determined man – when there is a will, there will be a way.
Helping Hands
During my undergraduate days, I had an encounter with a sister who performed woefully in her first year. Being the first person in her extended family to attend a university, she thought that some witches or evil powers were responsible for her failure. She was ready to withdraw from the university at the end of the following semester.
On meeting with her, she became my friend. I counseled her to put in her best. We drew up a programme together how she would be spending her time. I also took her in some tutorials. I monitored her through her university and she came out in flying colour. I was extremely happy and further understood that, ultimately with determination, hardwork and prayers, we can be successful. First, an individual must take responsibility for his/her life.
Best Advice Ever Received
“Never be distracted by contrary voices and wind of opposition. Be dedicated, roll up your sleeves and work. Your result will vindicate you at the end of it all”, was the best advice I ever received, coming from Mum.
I Wished I Had Known
I came to know while I was about entering the university that great readers are great leaders. I knew for the first time that the height of any man is a reflection of the depth of what he knows. Those who love to read can operate with secrets of over 700 years within the 70 years of their earthly sojourn.
Funniest thing I ever did.
Growing up in the village, I went to the farm in the company of my brother to make heaps, in preparations for planting. We worked so hard that, that day I almost made 400 heaps. Unfortunately, we had forgotten to fetch water from the stream earlier in the morning. So it happened that we were hungry and thirsty also. We roasted some yam and started to eat. We also got some sugar cane, so that as we ate, instead of drinking water, we took sugarcane instead. It was such fun for us at that time.
Taking Courage
It took courage to invest in my personal development by God’s support. It took courage to deny myself of some other luxuries and spending to focus on building myself to the man I desired to see myself. It took courage to be trekking while your colleagues are driving big vehicles everywhere. It took courage to invest in myself. It took courage to stay awake, reading and building myself and toiling in the midnight, while some of my colleagues were wasting away with women of low virtue.
Something I’m afraid of.
I am always afraid of leading other people astray. I am always careful to direct them to the path where they will continue to succeed. So, I am careful of what I hear, read and speak; so that I will be guided in what I pass across unto others.
I’d really like to learn…
I have always liked to study Law. Although I moved away from that dream about two (2) decades ago. Now, I am studying Law and enjoying it. Nature has a way of directing us to our dream.
My greatest question
“What will I be remembered for?” “What legacy will I leave with my world?” Those are the questions that I constantly ask myself. I believe that I have not truly lived, except I have a legacy to leave with my world.


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